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I know I am not the first person to complain and question this but when is there going to be college football playoffs? I have been watching college football more than usual this season due to BS’s love for the Texas Longhorns. I, myself,  am a fan of USC but find no harm in rooting for Texas until our teams meet each other in the National Championship. (This is not an invitation to talk about the 2005 BCS game…).

When USC lost to Washington, they were knocked from being the #3 team to the #12 team. If all I was talking about was some power rankings that writers from the different sports media outlets give out,  then this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, this 1 loss, this 1 bad night of football changes everything. If Florida, Texas or Alabama go undefeated then USC has no chance of getting to the National Championhip. Why? Because they had 1 bad night of play?

If we look to the NFL and to the 2008 Super Bowl champs, The New York Giants, this was a team that wasn’t even 1st of their division the entire regular season until the Wild Card game of which they were the wild card. Had we used the College Football logic, the Giants should not have even been allowed in the Super Bowl. However, throughout the playoffs the Giants beat all of the other teams and made it to the Super Bowl and beat the thought to be unbeatable New England Patriots.

Why not afford this right to the college teams? They do it for College Basketball.  The truth is the media can be in love with Florida or any team, as this isn’t an issue for this year, this is an inherent problem of the system, but for them to really be the best and show they are the best then they need to play teams that actually are the best, not ones that are determined by some computer system. Everyone has a bad night. No one is perfect in their job 100% of the time and the penalty in the College Football for not being perfect is so extreme.

I hear the argument that there is so much money in the bowl games that playoffs will never happen. Well, I say to that, the National Championship should be played with a giant asterisk next to the winner every single year. Currently the number 1 team is Florida, 2 is Texas and 3 is Alabama. I’m not saying these 3 teams aren’t the 3 best teams in college football (they are all undefeated), however, I can definitely say that until they play in a playoff series with the other top teams  then who cares what they do in the regular season. Again, please let’s look at the 2008 New York Giants.

They played against a team that went undefeated the whole regular season. It didn’t even seem conceivable that the Patriots could lose, let alone lose to a team that had lost 6 games during the regular season. However, as the season and playoffs played on, the Giants kept improving and then out played the Patriots and won the Super Bowl. No asterisk.

I just want the college football program to be as fair as possible and right now, it is so arbitrary. Let the top teams really prove they are the top teams. What is the harm in that? Loss of money? Money has no value on a system that is inherently tainted.


I was driving down to North Carolina when the semi-final match between Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters was being played so what I am about to comment on I did not see live but rather I have read about and watched video on the incident.  From what I gather the foot fault call that the line judge called on Williams was a bad call. Again, I didn’t watch this live but from what I’ve read this seem to be the consensus. That being said, there is absolutely no excuse for the verbal bashing Williams  gave the line judge. To threaten anyone, ever, is completely unacceptable. To yell at someone, “I’m going to shove this ball down your f—— throat”, is behavior that warrants the penalty that the U.S. Open enforced. Williams lost a point, which in turn lost her the match, which in turn lost her the semi-finals. She was on her way out and as Chris Chase from Busted Raquet said:

“The explosive end is sure to obscure the fact that Serena probably would have lost the match without the foot fault. Clijsters was playing great and Serena couldn’t win a point on her second serve. The end was coming, Serena’s outburst merely hastened its arrival. Maybe that was the point.”

I will state for the record that I have never been a Serena Williams fan. I have always felt she has lacked a sportsmanship that in a sport like tennis and truly any professional sport you need to exude. I remember in Wimbledon when she lost in the finals against her sister Venus she couldn’t even be congratulatory towards her own sister. Look, I understand that this is your job, this is what you work tirelessly for and to lose after coming so far has to be such a deep disappointment, but thats what good sportsmanship is, losing gracefully.(If you need to see evidence of how to do this please rewatch the Andy Roddick-Roger Federer 2009 Wimbledon match) I believe in order to do that you need to have class and this is something time and time again Serena has proven she doesn’t have.

It is incredibly unfortunate her run in in this U.S. Open ended because of the what started as a bad call but the reason her trip to this Open ended was because of her actions after wards.  I suggest she look to her older sister Venus for how to professionally bow out of a series and how to become a true professional sportsman.

So the NFL season starts tomorrow night and I couldn’t be more excited.  Labor day has come and gone, the weather has cooled off, and my fantasy teams have been drafted.  I’m ready for some football.  Now I know we’ve had football on TV for the past several weeks, in fact football has been on Primetime, Saturday and Sunday nights taking over the TVs at bars all over the city.  I think preseason is important.  Coaches need to see their players in action to help narrow down the team, or finalize a starting quarterback.  Players need to it so they can start playing together in real competition, and get into a rhythm.  But what the preseason doesn’t need is all the hype of the regular season.  I’ll follow my team during the preseason, but until the season starts I still want to be watching baseball at the bars.  Preseason is hyped up by the TV networks.  I saw numerous commercials for the “much anticipated Super Bowl rematch” between the NY Giants and New England Patriots, only to see Eli play 3 downs and Tom Brady not make an appearance on the field.  Preseason football is really about the starters playing only a couple downs, letting the rookies make the team, and praying that your star players don’t get hurt.  Please stop advertising it like it’s the Super Bowl.

But now that the preseason is over….lets play some football!

Well Folks,

What a weekend! With the 3rd round of the U.S. Open today and the beginning weekend of college football, I don’t really know where to throw my attention. Throughout today I have been watching the Oudin vs Sharapova match and the USC vs San Jose State game.

At the point I am writing this today we are at 2 hours and 45 minutes for the womens’ tennis match. Oudin the the American newcomer who’s surprising win brought her to play the 2006 U.S. Open and Wimbledon champion, Sharapova. Listening to the commentary of the game everyone is commenting on Oudin’s positive attitude, and knowing that sports comes down to the mental state of the player I have to believe she wearing Sharapova down. Although Oudin, only 17 years old has given up some crucial break points she is making Sharapova fight hard for her comeback. The 29 ranked former champion has been hoping for the U.S. Open to be her comeback stage but with 22 double fault serves (this was the number at the time of post) and a series of lost break points, one wonders if the mental state of the 17 year old Oudin is outweighing Sharapova’s experience.

On the other screen I have the USC-San Jose State game. I am a USC fan, after all that is Los Angeles’ (my hometown) NFL team. With Matt Barkley taking on the Quarterback roll after Matt Sanchez has entered the NFL, USC has taken a slightly conservative approach to his first  game. At the time of writing there is 30 seconds left in the half. Barkley has 9 yards and no touchdowns, yet USC is winning 28-3 due to 3 rushing touchdowns. If this is an indication of the Trojan season then I hope to see you in the National Championship.

UPDATE: Since writing the 1st paragraph Melanie Oudin has beaten Maria Sharapova in a surprising upset after a 2 hour and 58 minute game play. She will advance to the 4th round. After someone who’s goal was to make it to the U.S Open and to the top 50, it looks like she is well on her way to achieving much more. Congratulations Melanie!

I have fond memories of my oldest brother playing tennis growing up. He is 6 years older than me and I remember watching him play his tournaments and matches at the tennis center down the street from our school. I have always had an interest in tennis because of him, strictly as a spectator. With the U.S. Open Tournament in full swing I find myself, probably like many others, closely watching Roger Federer. I find his sportsmanship and his graceful execution of plays a joy to watch.

I received an email from my brother today about an examination of Federer’s footwork. It’s a short video, but really interesting into the art of play of the World’s greatest tennis player.

I encourage you all to watch the breakdown of his moves.

New York Times

New York Times

“Federer’s Footwork: Artful and Efficient”

This is a new feature on Crucial Commentary. I attend sporting events and go to different sporting areas throughout the year so here is a great venue to highlight them.

East Potomac Park is in Washington, D.C. tucked away off 395 and overlooking the Potomac River. This is a perfect setting for golf. I am not a golfer nor do I have anything to compare this place with but over the last month or so I have been going to the driving range with the intention of learning what I believe is the classiest sport out there.

A few have said they do not prefer East Potomac Park because you go into a stall like setting that made them feel like cattle. Maybe it’s because I have just begun my golfing journey but I like the privacy. In my attempt to not clock anyone within 10 feet of me, I think I’m going to continue my training here and then perhaps venture out where walls don’t protect those around me.

In the meantime, I’ll see you out at the range and keep you updated on my golf progress!

East Potomac Park can be found at
972 Ohio Drive, SW | Washington, DC 20024

Well Folks,
Fantasy season is beginning and what is almost as nerve-wracking as the draft is choosing the fantasy football team name. When I first began my Fantasy career I had a name that defined my hatred of my rival team…Gibbs is a Pansy. Over the course of the next three years I did variations on that name, and then when Gibbs was gone my name became Gibbs is a goner.

It was time to retire my beloved Gibbs bashing era. This of course left me stressed out and unsure as to where to begin next. I have decided to go the root of obscure viral video. A few months ago, I came across this video which to this day I still find in my top 3 funniest videos of all time. This clever work has given me endless pleasure as well as those I have shared it with and I even got my fantasy name out of it…Mullet with Headlights.

I have included it in the post. Feel free to watch and laugh and leave wondering what exactly were people thinking in the 80s.

Good luck with Fantasy this season everyone, I look forward to meeting you on the cyber field!